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Need Tripod Mount Advice

Living in a high rise apartment in Korea, the only way that I can have my
antennas for AO-40 is to mount them on my glassed in balcony and point the
antennas out an open window toward the bird.  I have and would like to use a
heavy duty (15 lb) camera mount tripod to hold and position my antennas.
The tripod head has the standard (5mm?) screw in it to attach the camera.  I
realize that I need to fabricate some type of adaptor to mount the antennas
on the tripod.  For now I plan on using a Meyer's BBQ dish for 2.4 GHz and
24 element loop yagi for 1269 MHz.

My questions are:

1. Have any of you done this before, and do you have some type of pictures
or diagrams that show how you made the tripod adapter to mount the antennas?

2.  Does anyone perhaps have a better solution for mounting these antennas
under the same or similar situation that I am basically forced to use in
order to operate?

I imagine that there are others of you who have done this before with
antennas during temporary or portable operations, and I would appreciate
your advice. I have learned many years ago that multi-heads are much better
that one in trying to achieve a good answer to a problem.

Thank you in advance.

73,  Bob McElligott
Songtan/Osan AB, Korea

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