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Arc Jet tests?

Do we know aproximately when Arc Jet tests will start?
And when can we expect the transponders to be on again?

Had good success on AO-40 with a modified Drake and 85 cm dish with 2 1/4
helix at feed.
Uplink with abt 10 W on 432 into a 19 el horiz yagi gave a strong downlink
signal. Lots of nice contacts during only 2 days (all continents except SA)
until transponder went off.

This 85 cm prime-focus dish had fallen from a roof. Had hard time to give it
+/- its original shape...Looks really ugly but it works. Seems I have better
reception than many of my correspondants, using yagis or helix.

I received yesterday a 1 m. offset dish, which is like new. Building now a 4
1/4 turn helix and modifying the dish mount. Hope to compare the 2 antenas
very soon, with sun and AO-40 beacon.
And, of course, a 2.4 GHz preamp will be installed as soon as possible...



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