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Re: AMSAT has a SECRET: why not 10m instead of V band

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Cut and snipped alot.... sorry.
> >> Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] AMSAT has a SECRET: why not 10m instead of V
> >> band (S)
> >My point exactly!  You can build them for the few who
> >have the time-money-knowledge to get there, of you can
> >build them for everyone.  I thought I knew which way
> >AMSAT wanted to go, promoting satellite to everyone.
>>  Guess my expectations were too high....
> >
> >If the BOD and users want 1.2, 2.4, and even 10.5 GHz
> >systems, you will get them.  And most likely you will
> >cease to recruit new members.  Probably lose a few
> >old operators too.  This is an old story.  Seen it on
> >HF in my early days.  Seen it with VHF repeaters, and
> >now on satellites.  Why is it that the mean age of a
> >ham is so old now?
> Mike,
> You are entitled to your opinion, but I disagree.
> I would suggest the "real" reason folks bail from ham radio isn't cost
> {normally}, it is either rude operators, or loss of interest {nothing new
> happening}.  How many 2m-HT hams quit after a couple years? WELL
> are NEW and HAPPENING.
> You know there are several exisiting Leo-FM satellites up, and there have
> been plenty RS mode-A/K/T satellites
>I would guess mis-perception IS!  {it costs too much/its too hard}
> After fighting the FM-sat pile-ups for awhile, hams want a better
> system...one that provides opportunity for working DX regularly and a
> normal conversation can be had.  The phase-3 linear transponder sats
> provide this.

I'm Very new to AMSAT..  infact I joined just prior to getting my license
(US Tech.)
in June of last year due primarily to the fact that my elmer is a bird
I've Amsat boothed at 4 major hamfests in FLA and provided Sat "excitement"
all 4.

I've spouted off about schools and getting kids involved prior to this and
excuse me for
ranting again...  (I'm usually a "lurker" and learner from most of you that
I admire, in your
tearing apart over the internet of converters and rigs and adapting them for
you own use.)
You remind me at times of Capt Nemo and the Nautalus with its marvels.

The question I have... Is...

IF AO-40 was complete and whole... ALL the Marvelous modes working... Would
it not
be the Defacto PERFECT Am. Sat?

Is it anyone's fault (other than a plug failed to be pulled) that it would
have met EVERYONES
modes and workability?  (human error, if indeed thats what happened?)

Was it not designed to meet all/everyone's needs/wants?

I cannot understand the bickering and complaining about a project that in
its apparent failure is so successful.  I would like the "perhaps a NA run
project would be better than a DL one..." have an appoligy or retaction...

In summary... the orbit is poor, the squint is poor, I cant find it... Etc.
I feel is poor sportsmanship.  You have a Fox...  You know exactaly where it
You know its Freq and dopler... You mission if you choose to accept it...

Join us who are not pointing fingers... and Enjoying the marvels this
bird has to offer...

Just my US $.02...  I felt I had to rant again. sorry for the bandwidth.

Rich Clark

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