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Re: AMSAT has a SECRET: why not 10m instead of V band

>I can't imagine how building a 10 meter turnstile is easier than making
>a helix for an offset dish that I pulled out of a dumpster

a 10m dipole will work. If the 10m transmitter was on AO-40 you could hear 
it at perigee on 10m on a dipole ... and talk to it on 70cm receiver (which 
is working).

I do not see what is so hard about putting a 10m downlink on "Project JJ". 
Then using a V band uplink with it. That combination (would it be called 
"V/A"?) I assume would work great at and near perigee (if an AO-40 type 
orbit is used for Project JJ). It would certainly help to attract new hams 
and current non-satellite hams to our hobby and to AMSAT. Anyone with a 
general coverage receiver and long wire antenna could hear the satellite at 

Then we can also have U band, L band and S band on the satellite. That 
would give us A band (10m), V band (70cm), L band (1.2ghz) and S band 
(2.4ghz) capabilities on the new satellite. Pretty darn good.

Top level more expert hams could play with L & S bands. Beginners could 
play with A and V bands.
What is wrong with this idea? A satellite for ALL hams. Those with 
experience and those just starting out. AO-40 was planned to have a 10m 
downlink. Now I bet most of us wish it had been included.

I personally will not provide any financial support for Project JJ if it 
does not have a 10m downlink as one of its capabilities.


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