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RE: AMSAT has a SECRET: why not 10m instead of V band

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>> band
>> 29 MHz is not without its problems but has the big
>> advantage that everyone can receive it using simple antennas.
>> Lets face it a 13cm downlink, valuable though it is,
>> will only be received by the truly dedicated satellite
>> enthusiast. It will not attract new people into satelite
>> operation.
>My point exactly!  You can build them for the few who
>have the time-money-knowledge to get there, of you can
>build them for everyone.  I thought I knew which way
>AMSAT wanted to go, promoting satellite to everyone.
>After some of the replies I received over the last few
>days, even the more personal ones, I have discovered that
>satellite opns  is just a reflection of regular amateur radio.  
>No worse, but no better either.  Guess my expectations
>were too high.
>If the BOD and users want 1.2, 2.4, and even 10.5 GHz
>systems, you will get them.  And most likely you will
>cease to recruit new members.  Probably lose a few
>old operators too.  This is an old story.  Seen it on
>HF in my early days.  Seen it with VHF repeaters, and
>now on satellites.  Why is it that the mean age of a
>ham is so old now?


You are entitled to your opinion, but I disagree.

{in my opinion} The main reason ham radio is not attracting younger or new
folks, isn't that it is "Too costly-technical-knowlege needing", but that
most of ham radio is exactly lacking interest by being not challenging or
technically stimulating {at least for the kids...they go to the computers,

I won't argue that our hobby isn't easy to spend a lot of money on, but
there are opportunities to do it cheap for those sufficiently motivated.
The choice is buy it off the shelve...show me the money, or expend your
efforts to learn how to do it cheaper.  Off-shelf cheap is rarely found
{but sometimes}.

I would suggest the "real" reason folks bail from ham radio isn't cost
{normally}, it is either rude operators, or loss of interest {nothing new
happening}.  How many 2m-HT hams quit after a couple years? WELL satellites

You know there are several exisiting Leo-FM satellites up, and there have
been plenty RS mode-A/K/T satellites.  So if ham aren't getting into
satellites, cheap-EZsats isn't the reason.  I would guess mis-perception
IS!  {it costs too much/its too hard}

After fighting the FM-sat pile-ups for awhile, hams want a better
system...one that provides opportunity for working DX regularly and a
normal conversation can be had.  The phase-3 linear transponder sats
provide this.

We can argue the point till we are blue in the face, but ham-sat equipment
sales are up and Amsat membership is up now that AO-40 is flying!

PS:  This is not to say more EZ-sats will not be built; clearly they will,
but Amsat need not do it...they do need to lead the satellite
community...who else will build a AO-10/13/40 or a P3Lite?

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