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There might be another unknown "secret" about building satellites and
everyone's ideas about what is the "best" mode...  that is:

"If you build a small satellite transponder, someone might just fly it
for you someday!  Just do it."

This might not be so far fetched.  There are many schools building
satellites for the educational value, a lot of that value is in the
process and the spacecraft, not necessarily in the payload.  ALso,
sometimes "PRIME" payloads are not ready on time...

Not to trivialize things, but if you build something that will survive the
viration when bolted to your lawnmower bouncing down a dirt road at top
speed and has no volitle plastics in it and uses tantalum caps instead of
electrolytics, then it is probably OK for space!

Eevn if it doesnt fly, you can have fun and learn something...

Just a thought.  There is of course the opposite effect... "not-
invented-here"... that works against you... but having something on the
shelf ready to go... is worth its weight in gold...

de WB4APR, Bob

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