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Re: AMSAT has a SECRET: why not 10m instead of V band

Trevor wrote:
> 29 MHz is not without its problems but has the big
> advantage that everyone can receive it using simple antennas.
> Lets face it a 13cm downlink, valuable though it is,
> will only be received by the truly dedicated satellite
> enthusiast. It will not attract new people into satelite
> operation.
> Unfortunately having lots of available bandwidth on the
> microwave transponders is of little use if you don't have
> the stations to fill it.
> I have long wanted to see more Mode A satellites with
> a 10W pep 150 KHz B/W transponder in either
> a 1500 Km or preferably a 4500 Km orbit.
> Getting launches into such orbits is clearly a problem
> but not impossible.

I can't imagine how building a 10 meter turnstile is easier than making
a helix for an offset dish that I pulled out of a dumpster , and buying
a surplus converter for $50 and doing some no-$ mod's to it , and
cabling it to my 2m IF radio ......

Oh ok , so I either build or buy a pre-amp for it , and I am receiving
AO-40 .

So why do we consider 13cm so difficult ? 

I don't get this thread :^p

The bottom line here is we are a dying hobby ( some are convinced we are
already dead )  and the corporate interests that want our upper
frequencies ( read 2 meters and above )  are finding all sorts of
reasons to take it away from us , the first being disuse , then abuse

You just want to make it easier for them to put the final nail in the
amateur coffin ?

We as a fraternity need to push the envelope (sic) or at least nudge it
a little and then others will follow or be left in the dust and if they
are so be it , but if we don't act then we may not have much left of our
great hobby -except- 10 meters ......

Seems to me that if one wants to get on 10 meters , aren't the RS
satellites still useable ?

Ok , call me troll bait , but I can't seem to understand why people
aren't willing to make a little effort?

Flame suit on !!!
Douglas Cole   N7BFS
AMSAT#26182 , K2 # 544
Registered Linux user # 188922
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