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On Sat, 2 Jun 2001, Larry Kayser wrote some good comments:

> > Here is [Bob's] take:  ... to build a 2m uplink, 10m downlink
> > linear satellite.  Yes, Its the old MODE-A,  BUT design it for HT'S!
> Well if it were are into a sync. transfer orbit the 10M downlink will
> get lost as the bird heads out for apogee....

OOps, sorry.  I should have said that this is a LEO idea only.

> > Cheap HAND-HELD satellite communications from anywhere.  All we need
> > to do to Mode-A is beef up the downlink so that an HT with a rubber
> > duck (Innefficient 10m receive antenna) can still get the downlink.
> Well this is doable IF AMSAT had satellites that were consistent and
> reliable the manufacturers would rise to the opportunity.   What we
> need is to keep the complexity on the ground...

Yep, exactly my point...  look at the complexity of a handheld all-mode
HT and look at the simplicity of a Mode A transponder.  We can build one
in a 4" cubesat (but maybe not the higher power downlink).

And there is another point here.  The manufacturers will never build an
amateur SATELLITE handheld radio.  They would be fools to invest millions
in such a single use product dependent on a single amateur satellite that 
may or may not live long.

That is why all of my satellite ideas are always founded on the premise of
taking what we "have" and then trying to find a way to use if for space...

Thus my Mode-A HANDISAT assumes that by the time it is launched, that
someone will have produced an all mode HT just because it is the next
thing to do.  Then WE turn around and use it for space...

Even if it such an HT is not produced, the mode A is still usable by just
about everyone.  Although, in that case, I would make it my MODE-V (upside
down mode A).  Then anyone with a RS $139 all mode 10m rig as the uplink
and $50 downconverter can work the bird...  See my MODE-V (upsided down
mode-A) in the 2000 Amsat proceedings.  Or on my CUBESAT page below:

 de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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