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Re: Success !!!!!!!!!!!

Congrads Guy. I new you would get it all running. I didn't remove any of the
filters and I m doing great. You could stick a 9 db Rat shack inline pad in
there to reduce the IF a bit and you would than be a bit lower on your noise
floor. I would wait a bit more before moding anything else and just make
sure your rotors are calibrated correctly and your tracking right on. Using
the Sun as a cal check is great. Track the Sun and once it is locked on turn
off tracking and manually move the rotors for peak Sun noise and see how far
off it is from were the tracking program moved your antennas. if there is a
difference correct it in the tracking program with offsets.


guy lemke wrote:

> Success what a great feeling !!!!!!! Set back after set back. I have
> once again heard the data grams coming from AO-40...It has been awhile
> since listening to the 2 meter beacon right after the launch...
> My radio is a Yaesu FT-736R and my converter is a 3733 Trans-system (3
> Ft Dish). I have a 50 Ft. RG-6 run from rotors to shack...  I have
> replaced the crystal to a 8.812 Mhz one and cut the stub...I then really
> went out on a limb and removed the first comb filter all together and
> put in its place a very short piece of rg-58 coax...
> After making the mods and with some help from a friend I put it back
> up... About 3 hours later AO-40 was in view but nothing except 5 S-Units
> of noise !!...Panic set in about my extra mod (removing the filter) and
> I started emailing Bob Seydler K5GNA (k5gna@aol.com) with a plea for
> help !.. Bob got me to settle down and started to go through everything
> I had done in my mind and the only thing I could come up with was the
> filter removal was a bad idea...Bob in one of his emails
> told me to keep trying that their were times when for what ever reason
> you just couldn't get the bird, needless to say I had a hard time
> accepting this concept (AO-10, FO-20, FO-29 ect..and all the times I
> have worked these birds just didn't seem to matter ha/ha)...
> My noise floor is a rock solid 5 S-Units and only raises about one
> S-unit or so pointing right at the sun so I think removing the filter
> and cutting the stub made a good difference in performance... I am
> receiving AO-40 at about 2 to 4 S-Units above my noise floor with some
> deep fades but only for about one second....
> I am using AO40RCv Ver. 1.33 to decode the beacon and as of right now at
> a range of 38175 Km I have received 294 packets with 58 packets good
> this is about a 19% recovery rate not bad.
> I do see the need to replace the second filter (which I will get from
> Bob) and maybe build or buy a pre-amp that will fit where the first
> filter I removed was at...I think that a good pre-amp would make a world
> of difference.
> In retrospect this has really brought home to me what amateur radio is
> and about... Its not about pre-packaged plug and play but about
> experimenting and learning, developing the skills to accomplish the task
> required to be able to communicate through a satellite or just HF
> radio..
> Theirs so much more I want to write but won't bore you..just wanted to
> share my experiences with AO-40...
>             Guy Lemke
>             KD6MTU
> ----
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Via the amsat-bb mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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