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Maggie wrote,

> Reality check: if you can't afford a cheap MMDS downconverter,
> or one of the nice downconverter kits, how can you possibly
> afford to be on the Internet, with all the costs that
> involves?
> A question back to you: just how much are you prepared to
> spend? Especially in light of the reported success with
> all kinds of equipment at 2.4 GHz? This is a disaster?

Right on Maggie!

The same people that gripe about spending $150 to get on mode S think
nothing of buying cell phones, high speed internet access, PC games at
$50 a pop! Just how far does $150 get you in travel? One night in a
first rate hotel! Last night I paid $129 for a full featured cordless
phone (not nearly the best one) at Wal-Mart.

I think that the real problem is that some of the "You promised us an
EZ-SAT" whiners are just not willing to roll up their sleeves, scrounge
up some parts, get out the soldering iron, and just plain DEVOTE some
TIME and  ENERGY to achieving the goal.

P3D has already paid back my small (but financially significant to me)
financial contributions ten fold. It is all a matter of setting
priorities and the ability to get past the "instant gratification" mode
of life.

I kindly request that any complaints about the COST of a mode S downlink
please include  the total $$$ value of all their other computer and ham
radio toys.... just for a reality check, as Maggie so succinctly put it!

Fire extinguisher ready...
Vince KD7AI

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