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At 08:31 PM 6/1/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>on 6/1/01 10:05 AM, Edward R. Cole at al7eb@ptialaska.net wrote:
>> As far as elitest hams wanting a there own private satellite...{I should
>> really give it to you for that smart-a## remark}.  A whole bunch of hams
>> have put aside their private lives for the last ten years getting this bird
>> built and launched so that you "arm-chair" operators could have something
>> to use!  Most hams on the microwaves are the farthest thing from
>> elitest...they wish there were more hams on for them to talk to!
>I agree totally, Ed.  While microwaves may be daunting for the general ham
>crowd, those who operate there are by NO means elitist.  Truly, they wish
>for more to be up there.  I hope that AO-40's X band equipment DOES indeed
>turn out to work.  Why?  Cause then I got an excuse to fiddle up at 10 GHz!


It's not looking good.  I was definitely planning on x-band and had already
pre-ordered the down-convertor from DEM last winter.  I have promised a
paper for Microwave Update and Amsat Symposium for a dual S/X dish feed

I am already on 10G with two gunnplexers, a DEM xvtr, and building a
beacon.  I was hoping that AO-40 would encourage a few locals onto the
band.  My recourse is to use eme, or jump on a plane and fly 2000 to 4000
miles to find some activity :-)


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