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[Fwd: RE: Toko Filter Question follow up]

I sent a mesage back to Toko to see if they could tell us what happens
when you reverse the feed to thef filter. This is the reply.

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From: Nessreen Omar <nomar@tokoam.com>
Subject: RE: Toko Filter Question follow up
To: "'Bill Hurlock'" <bill@hurlock.net>

Dear Bill

While yes there maybe no evident change in the parts performance
by switching the output for input and vice versa.  TOKO does not
the filter's specification if it is connected this way.  We have no
or data that we can gurantee this connection.

As per TOKO standard specifcation, we only recommend that 
input be used for input, output for output only.

Regards -
Nessreen Omar

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From: Bill Hurlock [mailto:bill@hurlock.net]
Sent: Friday, June 01, 2001 12:50 PM
To: nomar@tokoam.com
Subject: Toko Filter Question follow up

I would like to use the TOKO dielectric filter TDF2A-2450T-10. Looking
the data sheet page 1, there are 3 illustrations, top view, side view
bottom view.

My question is:
Is the bottom view really looking at the bottom, or is it an x-ray view
from the top? In other words, what are the input and output pins as
viewed from the top with the marking right-side up?

Does it matter if the filter is put into the circuit backwards? (I know,

that sounds like a dumb question, but I don't really know what the
internal circuit is.)

Tech support reply:

Dear Tim

Thank You for your inquiry on Toko part # TDF2A-2450T-10. Sorry for
not replying sooner. Regarding your question the bottom view is really a

bottom view. And for the top view the out is on your upper left and the
is on your lower right. And yes it does matter if the filter is put into
circuit backwards.

If we could be of any other assistance to you on our products as
follows, please feel free to let us know. Once again we appreciate your
interest in our company and products.

*Low Dropout Linear Regulators
*DC-DC Converter ICs
*EL/White LED Drivers
*AM/FM/UHF Varactor Diodes
*Chip Dielectric Filters, LC Filters, Helical Filters, Ceramic Filters
*GPS/Wireless LAN Antennas
*Balun Transformers
*Fixed Inductors, Chip Inductors, VariableCoils, & Molded Coils

Thank You
Toko America, Inc.
Nessreen Omar
Sales Assistant, Midwest Division
Phone - 1-847-635-3212
Fax - 1-847-699-1194
E-mail - nomar@tokoam.com
Web - http://www.tokoam.com

What would the effect of feeding into the output be? I have reversed the
feeds and can't really tell any difference in proformance.

Bill Hurlock
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