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At 21:16 31/05/01 -0400, you wrote:
>You heard it here first, AMSAT has a SECRET!  Without fanfare or really
>saying it very loud, the end of an era has finally happened.  The AMSAT BOD
>has approved the development of a new satellite, and unlike the creative
>wording used by the ARRL for this BOD decision, this new satellite will not
>be "AO-40 Lite".  The new satellite will return to the basics finally after
>nearly 20 years of the other approach.  I say it again, FINALLY the
>minimalist approach to amateur satellites returns.
><< SNIP>>

WHERE IS THIS ANNOUNCEMENT? ...... Sorry for shouting

I certainly haven't seen it here. Perhaps I am missing some posts.

The use of TLA's ( three letter acronyms )  Please don't assume that 
everyone knows what you mean. What does BOD stand for? perhaps Board Of 
Directors? I don't know. The AMSAT NA site doesn't appear to have been 
updated on the 13th May - TWO weeks ago, so no info here. There is a lot of 
discussion here about something I haven't seen.

Please enlighten me.

Remember, this reflector is global, and abbreviations which are obvious in 
one location mean diddly-squat ( nothing ) elsewhere.

I.E. in these parts of central midlands UK - Heanor/ Ilkeston, Derbyshire , 
there is a saying " ow was lokin' at may lik a foul wi a brokin neck "

It would not mean anything to most folk, but around here, this is 
translated as a " funny look " ( he/she was looking at me like a fowl with 
a broken neck )



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