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Re: Re:AMSAT has a SECRET!

I to was very disappointed in the AMSAT forum at Dayton. I sat there as
long as I could stand it, but I just couldn't take yet another interview
the millionaire space tourist Dennis Tito. What this has to do with amateur
radio is beyond me.

Steve .. AI7W

> I went to the Dayton AMSAT forum expecting to
> hear a presentation on new satellite plans.
> However, the ISS folks hogged all the time
> and the promised presentation was not made.
> Very discouraging. I suggest in the future when there
> is an agreed timetable, that it be strictly adhered to.
> Some of us don't give a hoot about ISS. It should
> have been turned over to ARRL a long time ago.
> AMSAT funds are precious and should be saved for
> satellite development. Just my opinion.
> ron, w8gus (w8gus@amsat.org)

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