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Re: AMSAT has a SECRET: why not 10m instead of V band

At 03:54 PM 6/1/2001 , you wrote:
>An interesting idea, but for the sake of completeness, there is some
>disadvantage to 10m.
>1. I have heard from EU operators that there is significant interference
>even on the so-called "satellite" portion of 10m.
>2. At low elevation angles (I suppose for a high-orbit satellite this
>won't happen often as a fraction of total visibility) 10m will be
>"captured" by topside reflection from the ionosphere.  Just this
>afternoon I went out to the truck for a RS-12 pass that was max.
>elevation 6 degrees for me, and I could only just barely hear the beacon
>the whole way.  It usually takes 10 degrees or so during the day for me
>to work anything, due to the fact that the downlink just doesn't make it
>thru the ionosphere.  Totally different later at night or very early in
>the morning, I can work it down to less than 2 degrees typically (so
>it's not an installation issue).
>3. Not a whole lot of bandwidth available in the satellite portion of
>...for the satellite experts to work out.  Just my $0.02 (and probably
>worth just that!)

so who cares if it does not work ALL the time. That is part of the fun of 
ham radio isn't it?
Most of the time 10m is empty when  ever I turn it on. This would add some 
activity to 10m.
When it does work average people (SWLs and potential future hams) will be 
able to hear it.
If 10m was working right now on AO-40 I could hear some of the activity 
(with a diploe) while I build my S band receiving and tracking system.


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