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This thread causes many thoughts to flicker by:
>> >You got your P3D, now you want to
>> >cut out the beginners?  AO-40 is nothing more than a gross
>> >disappointment to the majority of hams I know. The promise
>> >of easy simple satellite communications went out the window
>> >with the disaster.
I have a FT221R Yaesu with a Drake 2880(IF and filter extensions). I
can hear the bird. I am determined to hear it better BEFORE I fire up
my UHF uplink. A 750mm dish with a homebrew helix feed is almost ready
to replace my pvc 20 turn helix. Net cost so far less than $75. Gross
disappointment? NAAAHHHH....

>There's something interesting happening here - having spoken to a number of
>people at Dayton this year I discovered an extraordinary amount of
>negativity and mis-information about AO-40.
Lots of unknowing people want to buy a "BANDBLASTER 25000" with an
"OSCAR PACKAGE" and be on the air tomorrow.  
>Of course it's disappointing that _part_ of the satellite is currently not
But what is working holds so much promise....
>One thing that was never a secret about P3D was that S-Band would be the
>preferred downlink. Indeed, over a year ago I was asking peoples' opinions
>on the BB about what IF's people were thinking of using for S-Band on P3D.
It was aggravating as hell to sit thru the best parts of Oscar 13's
orbits with 3 people using the satellite.....But this was clearly the
>I'm sure that one reason that there is so much equipment on AO-40 ['all your
>eggs in one basket'] is something called redundancy. Had we only had U & V
>transponders up there we'd now have nothing to use. Nada. Zip.
If only we had a functional backup IHU on Oscar 10.. Or an arcjet
engine on Oscar 13. IIFFFFFF

>I don't believe the issue is to do with cost either. I think that it's more
>to do with the fact that people want stuff delivered to them on a plate
>these days. After all, if you were at all motivated you could get QRV
>listening on 2.4GHz with $50 of equipment in addition to your existing
>satellite radio. Experience tells me, for example, that building a 2.4GHz
>helix for AO-40 is cheaper and easier than a 2m satellite antenna.
Without any doubt the helix is easier to build than say a 14c, and
most will say that a 14c is inadequate on mode B.
>I agree with Laura here - exactly how easy and cheap do you want it?
I started on Oscar 10 with my FT221R(homebrew GASFET), a TS-780 with
Mirage D1010 and a "repaired" KLM 14c and KLM 18c that Bob(N4HY)
kindly gave me when they were severely damaged in a storm. With NO
azimuth rotor and a "clicker" elevation rotor I have been privileged
to earn Satellite DXCC #72 and Satellite WAZ #13. The Sband helix is
taped to the crossboom now. Many, many wonderful hours have been spent
on the satellites and I hope to spend many more on Oscar 40, Oscar 10
and OSCARS-TO-COME. Might even work a low orbiter if I ever get
automatic rotors..... 
Not even worth $0.02 but it's my opinion anyway.
Eddie Seymour, WB4MLE
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