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Hi Bob.  Last time I heard you on the birds was listening to you chase UA0FC on AO-10.  I'm still hoping I get a card back one of these days.

<w7lrd@juno.com> writes:

> 1. source for the  MGA88578
Dave will sell you the whole kit at a very reasonable fee.  See his website for info.

> 2. will this (completed) drake be adequate with a helix, or what
> combination of Drake/ helix/ DEM(type) preamp/ dish is recommended?
The Drake will work acceptably well with a large BBQ dish.  It will be marginal with a helix, but you will still be able to make plenty of contacts.  A low-NF preamp like the DEM will help regardless of antenna and in combination with the 1 m dish will give you outstanding performance.

> 3. I am working on my microphobia and recovery is possible. hi

The biggest problem for me with this uW stuff is the  size of the components.  Couldn't they make large-print versions of those SM components?
Jerry, K5OE
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