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Bruce Paige wrote:

> what an odd statement. i work dx on uo14 and ao27 all the time. cuba, costa 
> rica, mexico, st marten, st lucia, bahamas, gaudalupe, ecuador, panama, el 
> salvador, jamaica, brazil (the others off the top of my head have escaped 
> me). 

That may be a bit easier from EL29 than DN55. Of course, some folks 
think EL29 *is* DX. <giggle>

While others think anything in Spanish is taxicab QRM.  :-)

But the point that there's plenty of LEOs is well taken.

Something to bear in mind in the midst of this debate is that a lot of 
the hyping of P3D as an "easy sat" was predicated on the idea that 
microwave would be used on downlink.

I got on S-band RX for a *total* investment under $200. For another 
$50-$150 I can probably have totally kick-butt S-band RX performance.

I'd sure *like* it if the U-TX turns out to be working once AO-40 goes 
3-axis. But 2 meters is sliding into the toity, and the current 
ARISS/LEOsat QRM issue points that up nicely.

Probably one of the best ways to hold back S-Band encroachment from Part 
15 devices is to be QRV there.

73 de Maggie K3XS
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