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I am sorry but you can't be further from the truth!

The equipment required for AO40 Mode S has shown that most people seem to be
able to get going on microwaves quite easy and that it does not require a
degree in RF engineering - The equipment as you will have seen from this
reflector is available and in use now! Far from wanting to cut out
beginners - I want to encourage them and a simple Mode S station is
certainly one way - my cheap n cheerful station consists of a old Belcom
Liner 2 (cost me 10 UKP at a rally! still don't know why I bought it but it
has come in useful!) a modded drake - cost me 20 UKP and a 1M dish I fished
out of a skip (dunno what you call these in the US! Dumpster??) and a home
brew helical antenna on a PCB back plane that I found under a pile of junk
in the shack which uses an old N socket I had lying about. Tottal cost for
an entry level system about 50 USD! Now that hardly breaks the bank and
given the number of folk receiveing the satellite on this reflector who have
done similar things having never touched microwaves before I hardly class
that as elitist!

3cm narrowband using high power off the moon is getting alittle closer to
the truth but I doubt most microwavers wouyld class themselves as elitist!
Most enjoy their hobby and are keen to experiment and will gladly show

>From my microwave authoring in the US and the EU countries I can assure you
that most are only too keen to get someone else on the bands.

Despite the difficulties encountered with AO40 it has shown itself to be a
very capable satellite and one which wil lead the way for the future.

There are many technical reasons why microwaves are a better choice but
don't let microphobia be one of them.

73 Simon GM4PLM

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Dunno... I don't have any microwave equipment, nor can I
afford it just now.  I am not retired or independently wealthy.
Neither are the three other hams and teens that are interested
in starting on satellites.  You got your P3D, now you want to
cut out the beginners?  AO-40 is nothing more than a gross
disappointment to the majority of hams I know.  The promise
of easy simple satellite communications went out the window
with the disaster.

> Ao40 has shown that the microwave links ARE the future

of a dwindling elitist group of operators who like an extra
class licensee have theirs and do not want anyone else up
there with them.  Too many eggs in one basket I guess.

>and AMSAT-NA should make that choice. Time to bury this
> insistance from the US for V/U links on P3 type satellite.

And build a satellite for a few operators that can afford the
equipment at the loss to the rest of the amateur community.
Makes sense to me.

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