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Re: AO-40 Orbit

At 10:44 AM 6/1/2001, David Rush wrote:
>In the final target orbit and orientation, do the ALAT/ALON values stay 
>fixed throughout the orbit?

Depends on whether the wheels work.  They haven't been tested yet in 
orbit.  Gotta live thru a long commissioning phase to find out.

If the wheels and associated paraphernalia work, then AO40 might end up 
with the originally intended earth-pointing, and what you are experiencing 
now is just a commissioning phase.

If the wheels don't work, then you'll get something else.

My guess is that the wheel hardware will work, but we'll have to wait a few 
months before they can be tried, after which they'll have a minimum of 
several months learning about the software issues.  (Just my 
guess.  Everyone welcome to his own.)

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