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Discussion Level, Jon Ogden

Dear Robert Oler:

The discussion on the next AMSAT satellite project that I initiated
yesterday has brought forth a number of replies from one Jan Ogden.  These
replies contain rhetoric and invective of a personal nature that are not
consistent with the goals for the discussion.  Off line I have attempted to
ask Mr. Ogden to tone down his rhetoric in personal attacks, he has
declined.  For the record I wish to disassociate both myself and the
discussion and debate to follow from him and his use of personal invective.
I sincerely regret that you have been the subject of such behaviour through
unwarranted personal attacks, I have for my part done the best I can to
mitigate the behaviour of the person involved.

In any debate there is a modicum of behaviour that is acceptable, rip the
ideas to shreds, build on the ideas, argue with great passion - but no
debate will flourish when the use of personal attacks that lack civility and
reasoned thought are used to demean and humiliate another participant.
There is great risk when one plays in the center of a very busy highway full
of traffic - the risk can become tragic when one ignores the rules that all
the rest of the traffic is operating by.

Again Robert, my regrets and apology for this incident.    The debate will
continue, your participation is valued and rest assured welcome.


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