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It better have a Phase III type orbit if they want my support. I'm tired of 
LEO's. There's no DX on them.


At 09:16 PM 5/31/01 -0400, "Larry Kayser" <kayser@sympatico.ca> wrote:
>You heard it here first, AMSAT has a SECRET!  Without fanfare or really
>saying it very loud, the end of an era has finally happened.  The AMSAT BOD
>has approved the development of a new satellite, and unlike the creative
>wording used by the ARRL for this BOD decision, this new satellite will not
>be "AO-40 Lite".  The new satellite will return to the basics finally after
>nearly 20 years of the other approach.  I say it again, FINALLY the
>minimalist approach to amateur satellites returns.
>Go quickly and read the AMSAT announcement.  Then reread it, study what is
>says and what it does not say.
>What the announcement says to me is that there will not be any techno wizzy
>stuff, just linear RF repeaters operating from a synchronous transfer orbit.
>All the rest of the gee wiz stuff is gone.  Hopefully the things that go
>bump in the night are gone as well.
>A Satellite for amateur radio is a basic device that provides signal gain
>for amateur signals using the system as a repeater.  The use of multiple
>bands on an amateur satellite always works to the economic disadvantage of
>those who might invest in one band mode combination and are disenfranchised
>when the satellite is operated in other band modes.  The membership needs to
>help the AMSAT BOD keep the new satellite as simple as possible.  To help
>the BOD along I suggest that the 2M and 5.6 GHz bands need to be abandoned.
>The new goal is the result of a rethink of the concept model for the next
>satellite.  The issue is maybe just maybe, and this is were the membership
>needs to start singing a loud chorus, that AMSAT will focus on the users and
>create a maximum life cycle for value satellite system.  I offer that the
>best way to achieve maximum participation in AMSAT is to focus on the users
>economics and keep the satellite a very simple device that has great
>reliability for the users.  Workers in the builder group need to have a much
>better understanding of the works of W Edwards Deming and graduate level
>Economics on an equal footing with the latest radiation hardened
>AMSAT's challenge is to show the amateur community and the satellite users
>that AMSAT can deliver service reliability and consistent functionality to
>the user community.  The AMSAT board has put is toe in the waters of change,
>they need strong support to provide the leadership to bring a
>new service delivery model to the AMSAT community.
>We badly need more satellites that achieve their 20th anniversary delivering
>full functionality to the user community.
>I urge the AMSAT membership to support the board, to push hard for the
>concept of minimalism for amateur satellites.  To focus on reliability and
>serviceability.  What we must NOT get  is an "AO-40 Lite".
>AMSAT Life Member #3
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Via the amsat-bb mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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