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Michael P. Olbrisch <kd9kc@elp.rr.com> wrote:

>Dunno... I don't have any microwave equipment, nor can I
>afford it just now.  I am not retired or independently wealthy.
>Neither are the three other hams and teens that are interested
>in starting on satellites.  You got your P3D, now you want to
>cut out the beginners?  AO-40 is nothing more than a gross
>disappointment to the majority of hams I know. The promise
>of easy simple satellite communications went out the window
>with the disaster.

Reality check: if you can't afford a cheap MMDS downconverter,
or one of the nice downconverter kits, how can you possibly
afford to be on the Internet, with all the costs that

A question back to you: just how much are you prepared to
spend? Especially in light of the reported success with
all kinds of equipment at 2.4 GHz? This is a disaster?

>of a dwindling elitist group of operators who like an extra
>class licensee have theirs and do not want anyone else up
>there with them.  Too many eggs in one basket I guess.
> >and AMSAT-NA should make that choice. Time to bury this
> > insistance from the US for V/U links on P3 type satellite.
>And build a satellite for a few operators that can afford the
>equipment at the loss to the rest of the amateur community.
>Makes sense to me.

Your post makes no sense. Please reacquaint yourself
with reality. It's rather nice...and remarkably cheap.

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