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>Although I can agree with Simon in spirit, I see the practical need to
>provide a mode-US satellite to replace the very "elderly" AO-10.  BUT it
>should also include microwave bands...If possible thru x-band.

oops!  I meant to say mode-UV, above.

and while I'm here, let me make a few responses to Mike, KD9KC:

Mike, my first inclination was to make a few nasty combacks to your
comments...but instead let me say this:

I understand that many hams are disappointed that the mode-UV equipment on
AO-40 failed.  I guess if you spent $1600 or more for a new sat-rig, its
also disappointing that it will take a bit more to use it on mode-US.  BUT
it is NOT a LOT of cash to do this.  Many are adding a dish, preamp, and
surplus downconverter for $200-300.

I would ask what the new tech spends on his first rig...usually a 2m
handie?  If it is new probably $200-300!  Now I realise that many hams have
limited cash to put into the hobby.  But to operate satellites beyond
operating the FM-Leo "repeaters", it requires some equipment.  It does not
need to be new.  I just bought a used G-5400 sat rotator for half the price
of a new one.  My three Drake converters cost me $100.  My original dish
cost $10...and I could go on.

So I suspect you are more intimidated by the "technology" than cost, alone!
 How about the technology inside that new VHF/UHF sat-rig?  That doesn't
scare you, does it?  I mean if you have one...you bought it knowing that it
was "high-tech" inside.  Really the same goes for the microwave stuff.  We
scrounge it, unsolder a couple coils and caps, and hook it up!  BTW the
"easy-simple" satellite operation you allude to, was decried as impossibly
complex when AO-10 was launched.  It only seems easy because so many have
done it already.  Mode-US is rapidly becoming the same...you watch.

As far as elitest hams wanting a there own private satellite...{I should
really give it to you for that smart-a## remark}.  A whole bunch of hams
have put aside their private lives for the last ten years getting this bird
built and launched so that you "arm-chair" operators could have something
to use!  Most hams on the microwaves are the farthest thing from
elitest...they wish there were more hams on for them to talk to!

I'm quiting this reply before I get angry.  I would only ask what you have
contributed to this effort: time, money, talent, elmering, hamfest tables,
encouragement, ...or whining!


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