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>>I agree with the satellite bands picked.  There are still a LOT of people
>>who have 2m and 432 only.  Many people cannot afford the extra $$$ to buy
>>downconverters or transverters after purchasing an FT-847 or similar.  I
>>urge the BOD NOT to drop any bands.
>From: "Simon Lewis" <simon@creoch.freeserve.co.uk>
>Given the success of stations now monitoring and using AO40 with a variety
>of modified equipment, I'd
>consider that a past fallacy! Ao40 has shown that the microwave links ARE
>the future and AMSAT-NA should make that choice. Time to bury this
>insistance from the US for V/U links on P3 type satellite.
>Simon GM4PLM

Although I can agree with Simon in spirit, I see the practical need to
provide a mode-US satellite to replace the very "elderly" AO-10.  BUT it
should also include microwave bands...If possible thru x-band.

AO-40, by default, is now our first microwave satellite and I would say
that a large number of operators have made the move.  More will do it after
final commissioning.  Microwave is not "Hard" or "Expensive" as common
perception has it, and the new breed of sat-rigs make adequate IF rigs for
the microwave converters.

So now is not the time to move backwards from this "benefit" from the
failures of AO-40.  By the time the new "bird" is off the drawing board and
beginning construction, the ham radio microwave use of space will be well
underway bringing real numbers of hams into using these bands as a side

Maybe an idea that has not been voiced is the need to consider microwave
Leo's to add to the current crop of Mode-A and Mode-B birds!

pioneering uW ham radio in Alaska, "the last Frontier State". 

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