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> Time to bury this
> insistance from the US for V/U links on P3 type satellite.
> Simon GM4PLM

I have to AGREE with Simon on this point here to a point.

Drop 2 meters, but keep 70cms as ONE of the multiple ways to get on the

This frees up your 2 meters for those nifty downconvetors that you can
build from surplus parts or parts you get over months from places like
Downeast and others. That's what I have been working on here.
Piecemealing everything together as I can get parts and then putting
them together and hoping they work (right Mike?..<L> )

But back on the topic of bands.

2 meters is simply to noisy plus the antennas are bigger than I would
like. When we get to 70 centimeters, we're getting to the size that will
start to work for me and my postage size lot here in Michigan. Plus that
still leaves me a lot of room for all those other nifty antennas for the
higher frequencies without undo wear and and tear on the rotors I am
still holding my breath on finding at a local swap at a reasonable
price. Well, for right now, handpointing and the tried and true
armstrong method and a good ten foot tripod will work for me...:)

As for the OTHER wizbang gadgets being placed on the birds, I am all for
it. We need LEILA for those power hungry souls out there that don't
think that anything less than 1000watts wont work the birds. I LOVE
digital stuff and want to play with more!!!

So drop 2 meters and give me the techi toys to play with. There are
enough other groups that are willing to put up V/U flying FM repeaters
up that AMSAT - (what ever country prefix) SHOULD be looking to the
FUTURE and utilize the HIGHER frequencies before we lose them like a
Central America country did in the past couple of years.

Just my two pennies worth.

James W8ISS
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