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> Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] AMSAT has a SECRET!
> > agree with the satellite bands picked.  There are still a 
> > LOT of people who have 2m and 432 only.  Many people 
> > cannot afford the extra $$$ to buy downconverters or 
> > transverters after purchasing an FT-847 or similar.  I
> > urge the BOD NOT to drop any bands.
> Given the success of stations now monitoring and using AO40 
> with a variety of modified equipment, I'd consider that a past 
> fallacy! 

Dunno... I don't have any microwave equipment, nor can I
afford it just now.  I am not retired or independently wealthy.
Neither are the three other hams and teens that are interested
in starting on satellites.  You got your P3D, now you want to
cut out the beginners?  AO-40 is nothing more than a gross
disappointment to the majority of hams I know.  The promise
of easy simple satellite communications went out the window 
with the disaster.

> Ao40 has shown that the microwave links ARE the future 

of a dwindling elitist group of operators who like an extra
class licensee have theirs and do not want anyone else up
there with them.  Too many eggs in one basket I guess.

>and AMSAT-NA should make that choice. Time to bury this
> insistance from the US for V/U links on P3 type satellite.

And build a satellite for a few operators that can afford the
equipment at the loss to the rest of the amateur community.
Makes sense to me.

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