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RE: AO-40: transponder off!!

To be fair in my unfairness, I ought to mention that SatTrack (under Unix)
also requires the user to specify the time zone.

But if you give it the wrong time zone, it still manages to correctly
calculate the satellite position.  It also prints the correct time
(and zone name) for the time zone that you did specify.  If you say
nothing, it defaults to UTC.


At 08:18 PM 5/31/01 , laura halliday wrote:
>Tony Langdon <tlangdon@atctraining.com.au> wrote:
>>>>There are many reasons to slam Windows, but this isn't
>>>>one of them. Sounds like a bug in WinOrbit.
>>>An *omission*. Winorbit makes you enter the UTC offset manually.
>>I suspect because it's a 16 bit program, so presumably
>>it doesn't know how to get the regional info from the
>>32 bit Windows versions?
>The Win32 API has been shipping since 1995, and was in beta
>for some time before that. What was a "we'll get around to
>it" issue in 1995 is a bug in 2001.

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