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RE: AO-40: transponder off!!

I fixed the problem in SatTrack.  It now calculates squint correctly.
I rewrote the whole squint calculation, with some help from
Jems Miller's Plan13 program.  

I also figured out when SatTRack uses which orbital model.
The code is very convoluted and hard to understand.

Let me know if you want a copy of my fixed-up satcalc.c


>I would think that if a tracking program is able to correctly predict
>the location of a satellite, figuring out the squint angle is a no-brainer.
>No model required, just simple trigonometry.
>So, are you saying that SatTrack's orbital calculation model is inaccurate?
>SatTrack seems to work for me in the sense that when I point my
>antenna where it says, I hear the satellite.  I have also
>been playing with a Windows program called "WinOrbit", but
>it seems to be way off in predicting AO40's position.
>Actually, SatTRack's squint angles have not always correlated
>that well with my reception quality, but I had assumed it
>was due to poor or outdated attitude estimates.
>Can you explain what you mean by "LEO model"?  I do not
>understand your point about TLE vs. LEO.

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