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Portable satellite EU-dxpedition july-august

Hello all,

We, PE1RAH William and ON1DLL Dirk, will be qrv during the months
July and August from various locations in Europe via satellite. As we both
finish our studies this year we're gonna make a big tour trough whole
by train+boat, and will be qrv as often as possible with portable

DXCC countries will include:
DL, SP, OK, OM, 9A, S5, HA, YO, LZ, SV, I, F, EA, CT

As we are still in some demands for licenses in the European mini-states,
we cannot
say for sure, but will defenetely TRY to be qrv in:
T7, 3A, SY, ZB, EA9
Every information is welcome about getting a /P license for HV and C3.
Authorities responded negative

Also some /MM squares will be activated and will be announced on our way.

We're taking with us:
FT290/790 allmode sets, 10w on 70cm and 20w on 2m
homemade "arrow"-style 4el-2m/7el-70cm+little 2m-preamp.
Power is provided by a little 12v-battery, flexible 16V/0,6A-solar array
and 12v net
power supply. We can be qrv from whereever we want, all equipment is
carried in backpack

On Tuesday, the system was tested at home, and some stations via satellites
AO-10 (UA3PAB), FO-20 (F4ASA) + other stations gave us all good reports.

We will be qrv on following satellites:
AO-10, UO-14, FO-20, AO-27, FO-29, maybe AO-40 when mode VU/UV will get
The qso's on AO-10 will be limited depending on the satellite's shape, but
when AO-10 is
doing good, we'll defenetely look for to work DX!
Looking forward to make alot of qso's and fun on satellite! Everyone who is
can make skeds with us via packet or e-mail, as we also carry a vy little
portable packet 
radio terminal/tnc made by PE1RAH, which will give us access to local
packet nodes.

More information will follow on the AMSAT-BB reflector.

Best 73!
PE1RAH William, ON1DLL Dirk

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