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Re: NEW GNU/Linux Tracking S/W SGP/SDP

Hello Lapo!

29 May 01 12:21, you wrote to All:

 LP> ....and let me know what are your requirements, I hope to have time to
 LP> develope it, or you can do it by yourself.

Script operation would be good.  I used to produce a list of passes for VK
capital cities for SO-35.  That took ages to produce.  It would be nice to have
something that could be auto generated, then I'd have it run periodically and
produce the passes for the popular birds on a week by week basis in the format
I used to use (which was ideal for mutual visibility predictions).

If I can run it from a cron job and have it produce tables of visibilities per
pass, I'd be happy.  I think I have some old SO-35 info so I can show you what
I mean...

 LP> Write me if something go wrong, for suggest, criticism, ideas, bug
 LP> reporting, ecc..., or simply to tell me you are using trk, at:

Worth checking out.

Tony, VK3JED

.. d look better with curtains.
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