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IC-756 and IC-756 Pro - Rack Mount Shelf - Survey

Hi All:

I have been corresponding with a dealer who is designing a heavy
duty, custom made, 19" rack mount unit for the IC-756 and IC-756
Pro.  He is trying to decide whether or not to invest his time and
money in this project.  In order to keep the costs reasonable, he 
will need to build a minimum of 50 units.

I have purchased several rack mount units from this dealer for my 
other Icom rigs, and I am very satisfied with the quality.

The IC-756 and IC-756 Pro rack mount units will sell for $99 each, 
** IF ** he can sell 50 units.  There will quantity pricing available
to encourage quantity buys and group orders, etc.

These will be professional quality, heavy-duty rack mount units that 
will meet US Government specifications.  The front panel will be 
made from 1/8" steel.  The tray would have cut-out square openings
for the front "feet" and round holes for the rear "feet".  The radio 
would be held in place with 3 screws at the rear of the 756.

The front panel will be bolted to the tray with 1/4" bolts.  These
will be a high quality "bolt" with a designer head that will show 
on the front panel,  could be an Allen type.  There will also be 
handles that help protect the front panel of the radio and the knobs.

The rack height will be 7".  The color will be a close textured 
finish and will be a close match to the IC-756 and IC-756 Pro.

The opening on the front panel will follow the contour of the 756, 
including the curved lines of the bottom of the rig.

The start-up costs are high.  The first unit will cost $1,000.  In 
order that the dealer does not loose his shirt on this project, he 
will require a $50 deposit at the time of order, with the balance,
plus shipping charges, due prior to shipment of the rack units.

If you are serious about purchasing one or more of these rack units,
as described above, please e-mail me direct at kj4so@ipass.net.  

*** Please do not clutter up  the reflector.***  

I will post the results on the reflector at the end of one week.

I have no financial interest or connection with this dealer.  I
am just a very satisfied customer (who really wants to rack 
mount my IC-756).



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