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Re: AO-40: transponder off!!

Alan K. Adamson wrote:

 > The squint angle calc in SatTrack is *way* off compared to something
 >  that has a real geometry model for deep space satellites.  If you
 > notice, SatTrack uses the TLE mode for deep space objects (ao-40
 > counts as one).  It will only use the LEO model for the LEO sats.
 > Because of this, there is an error of up to 20 degrees that I've seen 
between SatTrack and Nova with the exact same alon/alat settings.


Well, the SatTrack docs do offer that it's inaccurate for highly
eccentric orbits. I thought I was getting away with it because the az/el
tracking seemed to be pretty much bang-on. What I'm hearing is it's the
squint angle calc that's not to be trusted at high eccentricities.


73 de Maggie K3XS

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