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Re: AO-40: transponder off!!

My version of SatTrack predicts squints as low as 22 degrees
for this attitude.  Did I mess up my fix for AO-40 vs. AO-13
attitude calculations?

My understanding was that an ALAT of something like -5 degrees is
optimum for me, since it means that the antennas were pointing
at the northern hemisphere at apogee.  Thus, an ALAT of -26 deg.
would give me a minimum squint of 22 degrees, but somebody in
Sough Africa, for example, would never see less than 30 degrees squint.


At 02:42 PM 5/30/01 , Peter Guelzow wrote:

>Dear All,
>Du to changes of the spacecraft latitude for the ARCJET cold firing,
>the squint pointing angle is more than 30° (at ALON/ALAT = 345°/-26°)
>and not currently useful for transponder operation. 

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