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Well I can say that doing the mods involving the stub using a cap on the
end and fixing up the off freq xtal are well worth the time. I was able
to hear the bird well out to the 60KM range with 2 to 3 s units above
the noise floor. I have a problem copying good blocks due to a local
problem which is driving me crazy. I have a ticking noise that ocurs at
just over 1 second rate. It comes from the West of my location. The
spectrum analyzer shows a broadband signal just below the 2400 ham band.
I think it might be a VSAT installation at a neighbors house. I have to
wait for a new set of batteries for my analyzer so I can go off signal
hunting. Signals down in the 30k range were running a good 5 to 7 S
units above the noise floor. Now all I need is for them to turn the
transponder back on so I can see how the SSb is doing. UO-11 was much
stronger than before and I was able to hear it AOS/LOS. This was a first
for this convertor at my location. Next I want to try the 3 turn helix
feed and see what that does for me.


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