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Noise Figure Measurements /w/ DSP Radio


This email concerns the use of the DSP-10
2-Meter DSP-based transceiver to measure
the noise figure of other devices such as
preamps, downconverters and transverters.

I have a home-built noise source that uses
a Noise/Com NC303 noise diode in a circuit
similar to the ones published in the Handbook
and some microwave books.

The unit is self-contained, powered from 120 VAC
and has a switch to turn the noise diode on and off.

The source was calibrated by Noise/Com and is ready
to use.

However, I do not have the noise measurement
instrument to which a noise head and device to be
measured would normally be connected.

Is the DSP-10's graphical signal-power screen and
narrow bandwidth sufficient, if coupled with a
calibrated noise generator (of known ENR), to make
a valid measurement of an external device by using
the "Y" method?

I am a total novice with regard to noise figure
measurements.  It seems to me, however, that there
are possibilities here.

Am I right?

Bill, WA6QGR


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