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Drake Crystal


Here is the reply I received from an ICM
representative concerning the Drake Crystal.

He believes that nobody received an HC-49/US
holder, that all Drake crystals were put into
HC-49/U holders and that the discrepancy in height
is because of variations in the manufacturing
tolerances in the Drake 2880 case itself.

I replied that some others had indeed received the
HC-49/US case and that indeed he should rethink his
manufacturing specs for the Drake 2880 crystal.

Mr. Washburn,
I regret that you received less than satisfactory service when you
called and I will speak to all of our customer service personnel about
it. We have been having some confusion concerning the crystals for the
Drake 2880 that you may be able to help me resolve. I understand that the
specifications state that the crystal holder should be an HC-49/US,
however I have been told that a HC-49/U with a max. Height of .450"
would work and this is what I have been supplying. It would seem that
the other gentleman that you quoted was able to use the crystal that I
am supplying. It is beginning to look like some units can use the HC-49/U
with a Max. Height of .450" and some can not. Can you confirm that. I
can supply this crystal in the HC-49/US package if necessary. The
reason we were using the HC-49/U .450" Height was because we believed
that it would work and it would allow us to supply this crystal in other
frequencies besides the 8.8125Mhz. I will have the Charges removed from
the replacement order. If I can be of further assistance, please let me

Mark Handley
---->Mark Handley [MarkH@icmfg.com]<----

If any of you could respond to Mr. Handley and verify that
the shorter crystal is needed I would appreciate it.  That
may solve this problem once and for all.

Bill, WA6QGR

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