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Re: Drake Crystal

When I called ICM the first time, I routed myself to the tech
support desk, and figured out what I needed with the gentleman
there.  The order takers aren't able to do this.  I ended up
with  the HC-45/U case, which apparently is their catalog number
EX45AF15.  Gave this information and the frequency to the order
taker, and a couple of other numbers (accuracy, temperature,
stuff like that).  Oh, and my credit card number...

Good luck,


>Well, I called ICM today (even talked to Bernice)
>about my crystal order.  My invoice states:
>1  540288  Drake 2880 XTAL (FX=8.8125MHZ)
>I was told that this order would get me just what I
>received, an HC-49/U holder with a height of 0.450in.
>This height, of course, will not allow the crystal to
>fit into the Drake case.
>When I said that others had ordered the same way and
>had obtained the shorter case I was informed that I
>was certainly mistaken.  Without question, I could
>not even order such a crystal without giving the exact
>catalog number.
>I was given absolutely no assistance and only reluctantly
>was I allowed to order the same crystal in the HC-45/U holder.
>Since I could not remember the holder size "HC-45/U" but
>asked for "the next size smaller case" I was told that I
>could not order without giving the exact case specifications
>and would I like a catalog so that I could select the correct
>I am disappointed with this kind of poor service and may
>begin using another crystal company.
>Bill, WA6QGR
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