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Re: AO-40 Status ???


Using WinTrak Pro and BLAT/BLON of -17/0 (entered as +17/180), I show the squint angle at 6:30 (UTC) May 29 as 105 degrees.  So if I understand all 
this correctly, the antenna on the bird was pointing way away from you (well, actually from ME here in Kansas).  It was (relatively) near me, at  a range of 
11,000 km, so it was moving (relatively) fast.  At 7:45, I show the squint reduced to 50 degrees, which is less bad, but still bad.

So I see two issues you may have had.  1. Bad squint, and 2. fast-moving bird that may have been tricky to track, esp. for you big (narrow) dish.

I believe that the transponder is continuously on.

David, ky0dr

5/29/01 12:32:32 PM, K7xq@aol.com wrote:

>Hello All,
>   Just put up a 10 foot dish over holiday weekend and installed 2401 MHz feedhorn using it with the Drake Downconverter. I did not hear the S-Band 
Beacon or any signals. The satellite was at MA 16.7 May 29th  between 0630 and 0745 utc. I swept across the whole band from 2401.0 to 2402.0 looking 
for signals with no luck.
>Is the transponder/beacon on 24 hrs a day ???
>Is the satellite on only at certain MA positions ??
>Jeff K7XQ

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