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Re: new AMSAT term?

 From reading the list, it seems like it's a pretty easy thing to meet 
her.  I haven't done anything to try mode S yet but it appears that what I 
was planning to try will be inadequate. I has hoping everyone was getting 
good results with a single 16 turn helix and converter.

I saw an old photo of someone's mode S AO-13 antennas once and he had four 
stacked 16 turn helix mounted on the same reflector plate.  This setup 
should give 6 dB more gain than a single helix. I'd like to find a plan for 
a design like that.

At 11:55 PM 5/26/01 +1000, tlang@freeway.apana.org.au (Tony Langdon) wrote:

>Hello Estes!
>25 May 01 10:41, you wrote to All:
>  EW> .... I met LEILA...
>And she doesn't like loudmouths! :-)
>Tony, VK3JED

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