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Helix Feed with Cup--Dimensions

I received several requests to repeat the dimensional data for this little whimsical Memorial Day effort.  FWIW, I listened for AO-40 early this morning, before leaving for work, at around MA=50 and could not hear a thing--beacon or RUDAK.  Anyone in N.A. have a report to compare at the same time?  I'll try again tonight when the squint will be more favorable.

The dish is one of K5GNA's smaller dishes (22" x 17"
x 3-1/2" deep).  It is covered in aluminum screen.

The helix is 3 turns # 10 AWG Cu, 1.6" dia. at 1.125" spacing and terminates in an N-connector.  The first 180 degrees is covered in 1/4" and the remainder of the first turn is covered in 1/2" (3/4" for first turn).  The remaining two turns are at 1.125" spacing.  Polarity is LHCP.

The "cup" measures 4" in dia and 2" in height.  

The final spacing was 12" to the back of the coffee can.  

Here are the pix:
Jerry, K5OE

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