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Transystem Set Up Problems

Saturday morning I made my first attempt to hear the AO-40 beacon on my 
Transystem converter on the 2 X 3 foot BBQ antenna.  Antenna is mounted on a 
camera tripod using horizontal polarization and moved via the "armstrong" 
method.  Nothing was heard.  

I changed to the 8.8125 xtal and cut the stub.  I believe the converter is 
working since I hooked a diode noisemaker up on 30 Mhz and heard a signal 
through the converter (freq would change as I blew on the Transystem xtal).  
The frequency was down at 143.6 something and I also heard a signal at 143.7 
something.  Is one of these the image that has been discussed here on the BB? 
  I was surprised to find the signal so low, seems most people have the 
problem of the freq above 144.0 mhz.  

I also am unsure of the mounting of the converter.  The instructions that 
came with the converter discuss mounting it on the closest set of holes, this 
puts the dipole at about 11.5 inches from the front of the ant.  Using a 
formula to find the focal point of a dish indicates the dipole should be 
almost 14 inches.  Dish is 38 inches in the long dimension and 6.5 inches 
deep.  I tried to hear an increase in noise as I pointed the ant at the sun, 
but the noise actually decreased so I guess I don't have the focal point 

On Saturday, I varied the distance of the converter and listened on a freq 
range from 143 to 145 mhz (since I am unsure of where the converter output 
is).  Noise on the FT-736 was around S-5.  During my testing squint was 3 to 
5 and MA was 185 - 200. Up around 145 I heard a pulse signal that I assume is 
radar.  What does the 2.4 Ghz wireless computer network sound like?  A 
neighbor has one of these.

Any ideas?  How strong a signal can I expect to hear?  Was my ant pointing 
just too far off?


A. J. 


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