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Re: MacDonalds Burgers (Not entirely off-topic)

On Tue, May 29, 2001 at 08:40:51AM +1000, Murray Peterson  VK2KGM wrote:
> Hi Deon,
>                 In Sydney, NSW, Austraila, I checked on the price of "Big
> Macs" last night and they were $3.00. I forgot to price a cheese burger.
>     A bean burreto at Tacho Bell is $1.85 here but a friend of mine who has
> been to the USA says bean burretos there are $0.69 in the USA currency.

The local McDonald's franchise has cheeseburgers on Wednesday and
Sunday for $0.49, normally (I think) $.99 or $1.09.  I think a Big Mac
was something like $2.49 (different franchises have different prices).

Having lived in the Southwest where you can get real Mexican food, I
tend to steer clear of Taco Bell (just about any place in South Tucson
will convince you of that).

On the other hand, you probably have better prices on vegemite!

Maybe continuing this thread much more will really qualify it for

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