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Re: Small Dish and Helix w/cup

Gosh Jerry, all that work and all I was *really* asking was...how is the 
helix wire/feed/match attached to your can/reflector :)

I'd still like a picture down in the can (sounds strange, doesn't it ;-)

Wonder how a tuna can would work??

Neat stuff!  Now I see how you screened your BBQ dish, too!



At 07:19 PM 5/28/2001, K5OE@aol.com wrote:
>Okay, it's Mark Hammond's fault, who asked me how I attached the helix feed
>(earlier email).  I had not attached it--only held it out in front of the
>dish :-)  Surely I had something around here I could scrounge up to support
>this thing?  Luckily, I had some 1-1/4" steel angle left over from my
>4x28-turn helix project and used a piece of it to attach the helix w/cup and
>Drake, put it up on the rotator, just in time to listen to UO-11 on a 10
>degree pass.  I heard it about 6-9 dB above the noise (wav file available on
>request).  What is important, however, is I have never heard UO-11 below
>15-20 degrees before with a helix!  This is a very temporary installation
>(see the pix below), so I guess I will be up at 1:30 AM when AO-40 comes over.
>If you are wondering why I started down this path, it was because I thought
>if I could reduce the typical helix reflector diameter, you would gain more
>use of the dish--not blocked by the big reflector.  With a small dish like
>this, that is even more important.  This cup design is only 66 % of a 1.0
>lambda reflector and a mere 44 % of the typical 6" reflector.  The final
>spacing was 12" to the back of the coffee can.  Mark is right:  this is fun!
>Here are the pix:
>Jerry, K5OE
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Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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