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Re: AIDC 3733 Crystal Information

I was playing with the Transystem today and found if you solder a 5pf cap
accross the legs of the Drake xtal you will be pretty much centered on the
adjustment range of the xtal trimmer and will have no problem making 2256 LO.
Freq held fine when I bolted the sides back on the convertor. I also put a 5pf
on the end of the stub. I was able to copy UO-11 AOS to almost LOS with the peak
reading being about S3. Noise floor on the Smeter is about S1.5. This was on a
14 degree max elevation pass today. I did a manual sweep across the passband of
the Transystem and it now looks much flatter than before I modified the stub. No
saggs in the Passband at all now. I can't do the NF test as I don't have the
test equipment. I did notice about a 1 and half S unit rise in my noise floor
after the mod. My S meter is 5dbm per S unit. well I'll have to wait till the
next AO-40 pass to see if all this helped me any.

73 Bill WA2TQI

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