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coffee can feed and Primestar dish

Actually, it is a Hunt's spaghetti sauce can.  Heinz is the same 
size--about 26 oz. (from memory).  It's a tad smaller than the specs from 
the fellow that posted the nice pictures of his coffee can feed on the DSS 
dish (link not handy), but it was within the specs he gave.

No news on performance yet, but should know Tuesday night with the good 
pass on the east coast.

Imagine a groove in the PVC that allows the whole affair to slide in and 
out for best signal/focus.  Shown is a modified Drake attached.

Same setup works with Transystem converter and can feed.  Or, the PVC makes 
a very nice adjustable mount for the Transystem with dipole feed, slide it 
in and out for best signal.


Was fun to make...man, never thought I'd enjoy the microwave stuff this 
much!  It's really gotten my interest (and my wallet ;-) back into amateur 

What a nice side effect of having the 2M transmitter problems on 
AO-40.  Have to look for the silver lining, right?


Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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