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Re: AO-40 spreadsheet

Edward R. Cole wrote:

> When you have done that you have made your first radio astronomy
> observation, by the way!  A neat QSL for doing this is available from the
> SETI-League for this accomplishment.  See:
> http://www.setileague.org/awards/qslcard.htm

Where we read:

QSL cards will be issued for documented reception of unique sources in 
any of four specific categories of extra-terrestrial electromagnetic 
emission, as follows:
Natural -- Electromagnetic radiation emanating from a nebula, supernova, 
pulsar, star, planet, interstellar gas cloud, galaxy, or similar natural 
astrophysical phenomenon.
Moonbounce -- Recovered reflection of an Earth-based transmission 
deliberately or inadvertently bounced off of a natural astronomical 
body, including comets, asteroids, the Moon, a neighboring planet, or 
the moons of a neighboring planet.
Human -- Electromagnetic transmissions from any manned or unmanned 
spacecraft, space probe, communications or navigation satellite, or 
similar artifact of human technology, if received from beyond the 
Earth's atmosphere on qualifying equipment (see Equipment, below).
Alien -- the Holy Grail of SETI; a signal which is independently 
confirmed and generally acknowledged to be of intelligent origin, from 
beyond Earth, and having been generated by beings not of this planet.

To qualify for a QSL Card, documented reception must have been 
accomplished with equipment normally used for, or capable of being used 
for, radio astronomy. Reception of navigation signals on a GPS or 
similar geolocation receiver, placing of a mobile telephone call which 
has been relayed via satellite, or the reception of satellite TV or 
similar broadcast signals from an orbiting spacecraft, are specifically 
excluded from consideration for this award.

So...looks like EME counts. So do Oscar and ISS contacts. The AO-40 
*beacon* may be considered a broadcast, I dunno.

73 de Maggie K3XS

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