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Re: Re: Trading across borders

OK Guys,

You win!  It cost non-USA hams less to order direct...BUT, Kuhne does not
sell direct to the USA and they state on their price page at the top:
"Prices not valid for the USA, please call to SSB Electronic USA,..."

So its a mute point.  If you live in the USA and want to purchase Kuhne
Electronics equipment, you deal with SSB.  Now a question that comes to
mind is whether SSB gets a wholesale price or pays the same as you non-USA
customers?  If he is paying the same, then he adds his profit on top.  I
suspect he is not running a no-profit charity, here!  Sorry!  That was a
bit strong, but I do get a bit frustrated with people who expect companies
to sell at cost!

Did you know that standard mark-up from wholesale is 50-100%?  Looks to me
like SSB is making what?  $145-107/107 = .36 {that is 36% mark up without
taking into account customs duty which may be 10% or more} 

But, hey.  I like DEM equipment have bought a lot from them.  Usually in
the USA that will save you a little to a lot of $ on your outlay.  I also
like the quality of Kuhne products and am willing to pay the moderate
premium for them.  The surplus convertors are a boon to the whole AO-40
microwave community.  A definite savings.  I bought three Drakes in 1999
for $100 [they are not for sale; don't ask].  I look for the bargains, too,
but sometimes also willing to pay more for assured performance.  I also
have a personal policy of spreading my ham dollars amongst the ham
equipment vendors to keep them all in business providing us with a variety
of neat products.

In the end, its your choice!  You vote with your dollars, pounds, marks,...


>From: "Paul Willmott" <pwillmott@northrock.bm>
>I purchased my L band converter and power amp directly from Kuhne, ... the
>savings over SSB USA were considerable!
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>> << Of course Kuhne expressly states that US sales are only through SSB
>>  Electronics.  The shipping charge of 35DM which converts to $15.40 seems
>>  low to me.  It cost me about $30 for UPS shipping from PA to AK!  What
>>  it cost for the monetary exchange?
>>  This really does not seem to me that SSB is out of line with its costs.
>>  I'll bet it would cost an US individual more to buy directly from
>Germany. >>
>> Remember that European countries usually have a sales tax of 15 to 20% on
>> goods supplied by medium to large companies. That % can be reclaimed by
>> when the goods are exported out of Europe. As the goods travel across
>> border the cost may increase slightly with the addition of an import duty
>> sales tax.
>> As an example, if I import any ham radio equipment with a value of greater
>> than 25 dollars into the UK it has about 4% import duty and 17.5% Value
>> Tax added. This makes trade from US to the UK an expensive business, but
>> should be significantly better in the other direction as the price
>> in Europe will be 15-20% higher than the same goods without European Value
>> added tax. So the margin may be even larger than we think
>> The cost of shipping will usually include insurance and that is very
>> important. Here in the UK I can ship something of an equivalent weight by
>> to the USA for about 6 dollars but if it goes missing  all I get is 10 x
>> value of the stamps..and that is at the post offices discretion. In the
>> you're trading cost with risk. The only problem is usually the company
>> not give you a choice. I recently paid 40 dollars to ship a laser diode
>> Austria to London. The same component sent as a letter without insurance
>> would have cost 2 dollars......Ouch...
>> Finally, my two tickets for Dayton were ordered in March for a total of 36
>> dollars. For some reason they arrived by expensive courier at a cost to
>> Hamvention organisers of 20 dollars.
>> I would have been happy to collect at the door, but that was the policy.
>> Monetary exchange costs on a credit card are quite low at apx 1.5 to 2%
>> these can also have a last resort level of insurance on your purchase
>> depending on the type of card.
>> 73 es happy shopping
>> David  G0MRF
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