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Re: Receiver performance

This information is very helpful and well-written.
But there is one thing that would be really helpful
for doing these measurements:

Has anyone ever seen a soundcard-based Windows program
that will measure true RMS relative power levels with the proper
averaging?  That would be a lot more accurate, and easier to
use, than trying to watch the AC voltage numbers jump around on my DMM...



At 11:26 AM 5/27/01 , Eddy Jespers wrote:
>I posted a message a couple of days ago, regarding the
>receiver performance of a satellite earth station. This 
>"figure" is being calculated as the G/T. ( Gain over temperature)
>A receive antenna can give you a good gain, but if the
>LNA / LNB or ilumintation of your antenna is no good,
>you will have a poor G/T.
>A very good description of G/T measurement can be found
>on following address: http://www.setileague.org/articles/g-t.htm

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