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Re: AO-40 spreadsheet

This is an excellent summary-- Honestly, anyone at #3, #2 or #1 should
feel free to operate the satellite-- you won't QRM anyone else..and you'll 
know it if you do.  Most moderately fixed (image problem) Transystem and 
preamped Drakes are at about "2.5" on that scale.  If you fall under #4, #5, 
#6, or #7-- please fix your recieve before you do a lot of uplinking.

Fred W0FMS

>It isn't "my NF is better than your NF". If anything, it's "my MDS is 
>than your MDS", if people must be competitive. The real question is, "Is my
>MDS good enough?"
>How do we determine what is good enough?
>Here are some (silly)  criteria in rank order:
>1. I hear at least 1 dB of passband noise at apogee with 0 squint.
>2. I hear nearly every person on the bird, even the weakest stations.
>3. I hear most everyone, and I sound pretty decent myself.
>4. I hear only the strongest signals, and I'm OK if I crank the power up
>5. I only can get others to copy me if I crank my uplink through the roof.
>6. I hear a few others, but my signal stinks.
>7. I trigger Liela when I try to hear myself.

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